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Comments policy

I have added a new page (see right menu under Other Information) called Comments policy. If you are uncertain about what constitutes reasonable commentary then you might like to consult that page. If anyone thinks the policy is unreasonable then…

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billy blog server down today

Just a quick apology to all those who read my blog - the server was down after a power failure today. Things are back to normal now (18:14 Thursday evening) and I will be able to post a new blog…

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The complete billy blog on one page!

To help readers keep an overall perspective on this blog and make searching for previous blogs easier I have added a new page - see right hand menu under Other Information It shows all posts arranged by Category and in…

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RSS feed issues solution

My RSS feed came down with a problem recently and began returning the following xml error:

“XML parsing error: :1:1: xml declaration not at start of external entity”

How do you deal with this? This blog gives a short tutorial on how to proceed to fix it.

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