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Somewhat of a Marxist

The Northern Territory government is proposing to split the state monopoly Power and Water utility, which provides electricity and water services to the Territory, into three separate entities: power generation; power distribution (retail); and water provision. The power generator would … Read the rest of this entry »


Getting out of here!

What is happening today? I am off to Europe next week for my annual inspection of how successful fiscal austerity has been (not!). I actually have some work to attend to. I will report on that in due course. I … Read the rest of this entry »


Having a day off …

Well sort of! I am spending the day in meetings, then writing textbook material before a long flight later today for meetings tomorrow. But in relative terms …


We need more fermenting … much more

Its that time of the year …


There is no financial crisis so deep that cannot be dealt with by public spending – still!

Today’s blog was a little later than usual for various reasons – travel, time differences and other activities that had to take precedence. The title comes from a paper I wrote in 2008 which was published last year and reflects … Read the rest of this entry »



Aah the joys of the ocean early in the morning when the surf is big. Huge wave faces to rip after a steep drop on takeoff. Big waves breaking onto a sharp reef not that far below the surface. The … Read the rest of this entry »


Only one day each year!

Its that time of the year …


Digressions on IR laws and our freedoms

Two stories today make you wonder about the direction of our Australian government. The first relates to the changes to the industrial laws that the Greens finally were able to push through the Senate last night and the second relates … Read the rest of this entry »


Another year …

Its that time of the year … so a nice day for me today. Among the gifts I received … a hose that will never kink. Essential for an urban farmer.

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Professional profiling …

I had to get some photos taken today by Fairfax newspapers for a story they are writing on my views on the expansion and the labour market. Of-course, I told them I had to present myself in a professional manner. … Read the rest of this entry »

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