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Commenting on other sites

A short clarification follows

Dear Readers

I am aware that a person with the pseudonym BillyBlog is commenting on economic matters on other sites.

For the record, that person is not me. I have a philosophical position that I should be personally accountable for my views and so I always use my real name – Bill Mitchell – and supply a valid E-mail address – on the rare occasions I do make comments on other sites.

I do not like pseudonyms because I feel they absolve the person from taking responsibility and open up the possibility of abuse.

In saying that, I do recognise that some people are in sensitive positions which would constrain their free speech (including many of the great female writers in history) and so a pseudonym allows them to contribute to public debate without compromising their personal status. Even though I recognise that situation I have always taken the view that I should speak freely on matters professional irrespective of the personal consequences.

best wishes

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