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Professional profiling …

I had to get some photos taken today by Fairfax newspapers for a story they are writing on my views on the expansion and the labour market. Of-course, I told them I had to present myself in a professional manner. They agreed and so it went ….

Of-course, the world of media is not always what we think it is … Click the image to see what really happened. I might use the larger photo if I ever need to get a new job … I could even tell them that I also play guitar in a band (even a Gibson sometimes!) …


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    1. Love how the socks match the tie! :)

      It’s sad how economists have fallen to the level of prostitutes.
      Actually, that’s and insult to prostitutes. They’re much better company than an economist.
      Even Jesus hung around prostitutes, but I bet he wouldn’t be caught dead with an economist.

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