Admin note: Server Change

To all readers of my blog – I have just changed the Virtual Machine that I run my blog off and it now seems to be working fine. If you encounter any problems please let me know. The address remains the same (although soon I will be altering that to be but for now all is unchanged except the VM that is serving the files.

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    2 Responses to Admin note: Server Change

    1. larry says:


      There is a problem with the spam sieve. It no longer shows the picture but requires listening to the audio. This is with Firefox 32.

      What will happen for those who have links to the older posts? Will those links be broken? Like the spam detector?

    2. bill says:

      Thanks Larry

      Fixed now – a few libraries needed to be installed.

      Please keep notifying me of any further problems. I appreciate the help.

      best wishes

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