No blog today

I have confined myself to the sick bay. No energy and therefore no blog. Should be back tomorrow (Thursday).

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    21 Responses to No blog today

    1. Daniel D. says:

      Best wishes on a full and speedy recovery Professor.

    2. /L says:

      Get well soon and take care.

    3. Larry Kazdan says:

      We look forward to your return. Please get well soon!

    4. Jean-Baptiste says:

      Have a good time healing yourself. Thank you a lot for all what you’ve done.

    5. Adam K says:

      I would like to wish a speedy recovery, too.

    6. sh says:

      speedy recovery

    7. Barri Mundee says:

      Know the feeling! Best to take it easy until you feel better.

    8. Neil Wilson says:

      Crikey. Must be a bad one.

      Take care!

    9. PeterP says:

      Wishing you speedy recovery!

    10. Best wishes for a speedy recovery

    11. Richard1 says:

      Sorry you’re unwell, I always enjoy your blog and read it most days. I hope you get well soon.
      This is a time to put yourself first.

    12. If it’s flu you’ll need more than one day off! Take it easy!

    13. J Christensen says:

      Colds/flu are the worst. Rest is best. Hope it’s one of those that pass quickly!

    14. Aine says:

      Needs must. Hope you get well quickly

    15. Nell says:

      That must be the first day you have had off sick for at least two years. You have an amazing constitution. No fun being sick but hopefully you have some good music and good reads around to keep you distracted from the worst of it.

    16. Jorge Amar says:

      Hope you get well quickly. We look forward to your return

    17. Brian Perks says:

      Prof Mitchell

      Get well soon.

      I’ll miss you and your blog, but I have my copy of Eurozone Dystopia to ease my withdrawal symptoms!


    18. Keith Newman says:

      Yikes!! Take good care of yourself. Don`t let it turn into something worse.

    19. Njonjo Ndehi says:

      Get well soon prof.

    20. Amanda Adlem says:

      Get well in your own time…hope you come back refreshed as I always look for your posts…[first ever comment]

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