Travelling back from the US today – but there is some music

I am travelling all day today on my way back to Australia. So we have a nice music compilation to listen to. Regular transmission will resume on Wednesday whereupon, with my flame suit securely fastened, we will consider the ‘robot’ case for basic incomes. Or should I say the ‘non-case’.

For the next 24 hours I will not be able to closely monitor the comments section. So if your comment has a link in it please be patient and I will get to it in due course.

Here is a Jazz Reggae mix which I am listening to on the plane.

The compilation starts with an interview with famous Jamaican music producer Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry.

It is a great groove to while away the hours winging across the Pacific Ocean. You might also like it. The use of melodica is particularly beautiful.

Track order:

01. Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry Interview (1991) 00:00
02. Madu 00:50
03. The Senior AllStars 05:40
04. Guitoud 12:15
05. Dubmatix 18:54
06. Kazufumi Kodama 22:42
07. Uptown Rebel 27:04
08. Alific 30:33
09. Dubkasm 33:10
10. Faya Dub 37:05
11. Gofrilab 40:45
12. Hornsman Coyote 45:45
13. Faya Horns 50:16
14. Love Grocer 54:32
15. Zion Train 58:00 –

Regular transmission resumes Wednesday, September 21.

That is enough for today!

(c) Copyright 2016 William Mitchell. All Rights Reserved.

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    3 Responses to Travelling back from the US today – but there is some music

    1. dnm says:

      Very nice. Perfect for emotionally draining tasks, like marking exam papers!

    2. Horatio Parker says:

      Much better than that minimalist stuff, pardon me for saying so.

    3. DP Down South says:

      Hey, thought you might dig this…


      It’s by a South African guy called Mzwakhe Mbuli, off his first album, Change Is Pain. He later went on to pad more traditional pastures, but his debut is still a killer. I’m sure you can guess from the intro footage that the song is circa 1980 something.

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