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Travelling all day today – up hill and down dale

I am travelling a lot today and do not have enough time write a blog other than to tell you that. Last Thursday, work took me to remote destinations where the wind blows strong and rain is always expected. This Thursday, I am pursuing my craft and spreading the Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) word up hill and down dale. I have also been reading various new ‘reform’ proposals for the Eurozone – they seem to be coming out at a rate of one a day or so it seems. They all fail to get to the nub of the problem – it is essentially so flawed with so many historical and cultural constraints that it needs to be abandoned. One lame idea tells us to ‘fix the roof while the sun shines’. I will comment on that next week. The problem – as my recent tweet notes – is that the ‘roof’ is the least of the problems. It is falling in for sure but only because the foundations are rotten to the core. I also wouldn’t actually characterise the current situation in the monetary union as being ‘sunny’. If it is, then spare the thought of what ‘cloudy’ much less ‘rainy’ might be. The quiz will be back tomorrow as usual. For the moment I am listening to …

Music while you wait for me to post again

While I was travelling today I was listening to this great album from Kenny Burrell. Here is a live version of one of the tracks from that album.

This is the Duke Ellington song – In a Mellow Tone – written in 1939. It has been covered by many of the greatest jazz players around.

This version (live) played by American jazz guitarist Kenny Burrell also features the American bass player Ron Carter. It was recorded in 1990.

The original album containing Burrell’s version of the classic was released on July 25, 2006 (but the recordings on the record were made between December 17, 1956 – August 23, 1983.

It is recommended listening – if you like this sort of stuff. Very mellow when travelling long distances.

Kenny Burrell’s tone and Ron Walkers ‘walking’ bass lines (sorry) are beautiful. At least to my ears.

Here is a photo close to where I have been today.


More whacky EMU reform proposals to consider next week plus Brexit, and perhaps, even, some discussion of borders.

That is all I can do today!

(c) Copyright 2017 William Mitchell. All Rights Reserved.

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    1. The 18th hole of Donald Trump’s golf course in the soon to be defunct Russian oligarch funded Trump Towers resort somewhere east of the Caucasus. :)

    2. Up Hill and down dale – that must be an expression from you Manchester days, Bill – the landscape you are dealing with looks more like ‘up mountain, down chasm.’!

      Thanks for the Ron Carter, he was a genius( actually, I think he’s still around so change that to ‘is’).

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