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Still on holidays

The blog is on holiday until Thursday, December 27, 2018. All the best from my local beach (Bar Beach today). Music hints if you click on …

Apparently, Santa missed Australia – so who delivered the gifts?

I was all expectant to see Santa’s journey across Australia yesterday and consulted the – Norad Santa Tracker – which is compiled by the US North American Aerospace Defence Command.

They have a map which you can consult to see where he is and has been.

Here is a screen shot as at 18:37 December 25, 2018 which documents his progress throughout the day – so it was taken yesterday evening. I skewed it to highlight Australia.

Conclusion: Santa missed Australia.

Children of 7 years of age or higher, you know this is marginal.

And for all you Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) kids in Australia below 7, I apologise for blowing the cover of the scam.

Music lineage

Yesterday, we heard from Delroy Wilson singing the great Temptations song – Get Ready.

Today, another Delroy Wilson cover – this time the Bob Marley song – I’m Still Waiting – which was one of the first released by the Wailers under its Studio One recordings and produced by Clement Coxsone Dodd.

It was originally on the 1965 release – The Wailing Wailers – accompanied by The Soul Brothers. It was marketed as “Jamaica’s Top-rated Singing Sensations”.

The Wailers were of course Bunny Livingston, Bob Marley and Peter “Tosh” McIntosh.

The Soul Brothers who were the Studio One house band and featured on many of the 1960s rock steady/ska/reggae recordings were mainly jazz players trying to earn extra cash.

Delroy Wilson released the song on the 1976 album – Sarge – which was produced by Lloyd Charmers.

This song was the “biggest selling reggae single of 1976”.

I prefer the original from the Wailers but this version is excellent.

My blog will resume tomorrow (December 27, 2018).

That is enough for today!

(c) Copyright 2018 William Mitchell. All Rights Reserved.

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    1. I saw Bob Marley in the Sydney Hordern Pavilion. Geez, it must have been in the 70s or so. It was special. Have a great break Bill.

      PS. It looks like your blogs certificate needs updating as it is sending up a ‘not secure’ message.

    2. Bill, do you have a comprehensive list of the kinds of jobs that would be appropriate for a job guarantee somewhere? This seems to me one the bigger problems in implementing a job guarantee. There does not seem that many kinds of jobs that would really be appropriate for a job guarantee. Many of the commonly proposed jobs (such as infrastructure jobs) would certainly not be appropriate, as these jobs require a high skill level and have quite high levels of pay. The people in a job guarantee program would disproportionately be unskilled and the wage provided in a job guarantee would of course be a minimum wage.

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