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Travelling all day today …

There will be no blog post today as I am travelling for the next 24 hours or so back from the US. It has been a very busy two weeks or so that has taken me to many cities and meetings with many different people. A lot of different agendas to absorb and think about. From West Africa to the struggles within the US, to the Eurozone and the chaos of Britain. But the commonality is a desire to understand MMT and apply it to better deal with the problems that face us and our planet. While I am flying I will not be attending to comments that need moderation. So it might be some time before you see your comment published (or not). I am now preparing for my next foray which will take me to Japan later this month.

MMT and the Green New Deal – Labour Party Conference Fringe Event, Brighton, September 23, 2019

While I am out of contact, you might like to view the lecture I gave in Brighton on the Green New Deal.

Thanks to the great work of the GIMMS team – for organising and staging the event.

And thanks to Claire for her excellent filming and editorial work.

You will see that I am not necessarily confident that we can pull this off but it remains that without an understanding of MMT we will not event get close.

Among the albums I am listening to across the Pacific

This song – Preacher’s Kid – is from ace-bass player – Marcus Miller’s – 2018 album on Blue Note – Laid Back.

The song features Kirk Whalum on saxophone, the beautiful voices of Take 6 and alto sax player Alex Han.

Jazz. The best.

That is enough for today!

(c) Copyright 2019 William Mitchell. All Rights Reserved.

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    1. Bill, is the slide deck you used for this GIMMS event in Brighton publicly available?

      In this talk you are focusing on the overall political vision needed for the Green New Deal. In your daily blog posts and other, more MMT-specific presentations (such as at the International Conference at Stony Brook this past weekend), you refer to the larger political vision but don’t usually make the main focus. This Brighton talk is a much more systematic presentation of your political vision than we’ve previously had available.

      Having the slide deck available would enable our MMT meetup here in NYC to start discussing these ideas more easily (particularly since some of the most interesting slides come more than an hour into the video).

      Thank you very much.
      Jim Keenan

    2. Jim Keenan
      I have posted Bill’s slides on our resources page. I can’t post the direct link because Bill’s website marks it as spam. So please go to the GIMMS website gimms dot org dot UK, go to the resources page from the menu and scroll down to the downloads from September this year.

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