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MMTed Q&A – Episode 1 – streaming tonight

MMTed is launching its new on-line show – MMTed Q&A – tonight. Live streaming begins Wednesday Night 20:00 East Coast Australia Time. We will be answering questions and introducing a special guest each episode.

Tune in at your time:

10:00 Dakar
11:00 London
12:00 Paris
13:00 Helsinki
19:00 Tokyo, Kyoto and Dili
03:00 San Francisco
06:00 New York

The show will run for 30 minutes.

You can also find the stream – HERE.

Join us for some fun tonight and some interesting discussion.

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    1. Very interesting, looking forward to more. From details of bond markets to the question of how does a developing country move from widespread corruption among a self-serving minority to a truly democratic government.

    2. Didn’t catch it live but what a wonderful resource! Very interesting perspective and a great understand of how to “see” the structural problems that entrap developing countries in a dependent, exploitable relationship with the rest of the world.
      Also a warning to countries like Australia on the importance of maintaining our independence in terms of food, energy and industrial capabilities.
      And another thing, the more I hear about the bond market the more I want to put a match under it. Seems to be a strange and unhelpful artifact.

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