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MMTed Q&A – Episode 2 – now available

I am going to use the Wednesday blog post for the time being as the place I publish our MMTed Q&A series. There will also be some music for those who like to find some different music. I have just published – MMTed Q&A Episode 2 – on the MMTed YouTube channel (see overleaf). We covered some interesting questions and I hope you find it interesting. The program this week goes for 38 minutes. I am not a very good studio producer (given the aim is to keep it down to 30 minutes).

MMTed Q&A – Episode 2 – now available

We were originally thinking we would do a weekly live program screening on Wednesday nights starting at 20:00 Australian EST.

But given the interview with the guest is best done as a pre-record (time differences etc), it was easier for us to pre-record the whole show and make it available that way. It is also less risky and we are not tied down in person on Wednesday nights.

So we plan to publish the each episode each Wednesday sometime but no later than 20:00.

Here is Episode 2 with Professor Randy Wray as my guest.

Note the sound is variable – this is a consequence of Zoom relying on the quality of Internet connections at both ends and the data flow in between. At times, Randy’s sound is less than perfect.

Submit your questions for future programs via the – MMTed Q&A – page.

We do not guarantee that your question will be answered but we will do our best.

Only submissions will valid E-mail addresses will be accepted.

Call for MMTed Support

We are making progress in developing the capacity that will become – MMTed.

Courses are being designed and essential infrastructure is well on the way to completion, even though we have only a fraction of the funds we need to do this.

So we still need significant sponsors for this venture to ensure that we can run the educational program with negligible fees and ensure is sustainable over time.

If you are able to help on an ongoing basis that would be great. But we will also appreciate of once-off and small donations as your circumstances permit.

You can contribute in one of two ways:

1. Via PayPal – which is our preferred vehicle for receiving donations.

The PayPal donation button is available via the MMTed Home Page or via the – Donation button – on the right-hand menu of this page (below the calendar).

2. Direct to MMTed’s Bank Account.

Please write to me to request account details.

Please help if you can.

We cannot make the MMTed project viable on a sustainable basis without funding support.

We will always maintain strict anonymity with respect to donations received, except if the donor desires to be publicly associated with the venture and gives their permission in writing to appear on the Donors Page.

Music today

Here is what I have been listening to this week – a lot.

Regular readers may recall thatin this blog post – Be careful not to get ahead of ourselves – hard-edged class struggle will be necessary (April 8, 2020) – I included some information about an album I had just purchased – Rejoice – which recorded the collaboration between the master Nigerian drummer – Tony Allen – and the late South African horn player – Hugh Masekela.

Since I wrote that Tony Allen has also died (April 30, 2020) at the age of 79.

This is the last track on the album and is called ‘We’ve Landed’.

Put some headphones on and turn up the sound to hear the fabulous bass line.

According to the notes:

“The song is dedicated to today’s youth”, explains Tony, “the lyric addresses people at seventeen, eighteen, nineteen years old, who are slowly becoming more mature, finding out who they are and realising that it’s their generation’s turn to wake up!”

A good message.

Other musicians on the track are Tom Herbert (double bass), Joe Armon-Jones (keyboards), Mutale Chashi (bass) and Steve Williamson (saxophone).

That is enough for today!

(c) Copyright 2020 William Mitchell. All Rights Reserved.

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    1. Conversations between MMT professors like here, make things so much more clear because of the different ways of phrasing of the same subject. The difference in temperament also puts different emphasis on certain parts of the conversation. I could watch this all day.

    2. You have to make the listening a pleasure – not a struggle. If you can’t carry the video and sound together, try limiting it to the sound.

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