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At school today …

今日は日本語を勉強しています。See – more.

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    1. Bill-san,

      I hope the Japanese language study is going well.

      Would you consider writing a blog post about your progress; eg what you’re studying in terms of grammar, vocabulary, kanji, etc – and the things you find easy/hard, and how confident you would feel conversing, reading and writing in Japanese, once you start in Sept?

      You have mentioned that you studied Japanese for a year (?) at uni – but, if you are anything like me, it is very easily forgotten if not practiced regularly! I did an evening class for three years, and sadly most of it has gone, at least until such a time as I try again.

      Did you have to start from scratch, or did your prior experience give you a good advantage?

      Perhaps this would only be of interest for a niche audience of one (me!), but I’d be very keen to learn of your experience, if you ever felt so inclined!


      Best, Mr S.

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